37 000 getötete Zivilisten im Irak?

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Aljazeera.Net berichtet von einer Studie, die zu dem Ergebnis kommt, dass seit dem Beginn des US-angeführten Angriffs im März 2003 bis Oktober 2003 über 37 000 irkische Zivilisten umgekommen sind.

We are 100% sure that 37,000 civilian deaths is a correct estimate. Our study is the result of two months of hard work which involved hundreds of Iraqi activists and academics. Of course there may be deaths that were not reported to us, but the toll in any case could not be lower than our finding," said Muhammad al-Ubaidi.

"For the collation of our statistics we visited the most remote villages, spoke and coordinated with grave-diggers across Iraq, obtained information from hospitals, and spoke to thousands of witnesses who saw incidents in which Iraqi civilians were killed by US fire," he said.

Es gibt keine offiziellen Statistiken über getötete irakische Zivilisten. Die US-Regierung scheint alles daran zu setzten, dass auch keine Zahlen bekannt werden:

As of now, there are no reliable estimates of total Iraqi civilian fatalities. The interim Iraqi government has not made available any statistics, while US occupation authorities in Iraq reportedly issued orders to the forensic medicine department not to talk to the media about the number of bodies it receives.

Liqa Makki, a political analyst, said it is widely known in Baghdad that Iraqi officials are prohibited from releasing any information about body count.
"The director of forensic medicine department said publicly some months ago that his department was receiving 70 bodies a day. But he was reprimanded and a statement was published in the Iraqi press prohibiting the announcement of any kind of body count," Makki said.
Das Iraq Body Count Project, ein Projekt britischer und US-amerikanischer Akademiker, gibt die Zahl der getöteten irakischen Zivilisten zwischen 11 000 und 13 000 an. Tom Engelhardt argumentiert, dass diese Zahlen wahrscheinlich zu klein sind:

This not only doesn't include Iraqi military deaths, which certainly numbered in the thousands, but is a distinctly conservative estimate, relying as it does on what's reported in a world where so many deaths by definition go unreported and -- as Western journalists are increasingly limited to brief, dangerous forays outside of Baghdad or simply outside their hotels in Baghdad -- so much else goes unreported as well.

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