ESF: Look to the Himalayas

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Much has already been said about the ESF last weekend- so let me just quickly direct your atttention to an outrageous scandal that seems to have passed rather unnoticed:
A member of the "World People's Revolutionary Movement" understandably complained at one of the plenary sessions about the future of the anti-capitalist movement that there was no Nepalese speaker at the platform. An outrageous scandal. After all, while people were just debating about how to get to another world at the ESF, this world is already been built in Nepal without people taking notice:

As the imperialist system spews forth a new torrent of reactionary violence, repression, terror and death, cast your eyes to the Himalayas where, in the words of the Internationale , "A better world's in birth!" Starting only in 1996 with a few rifles captured from the enemy, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), a participating RIM party, a powerful people's army has been built up, the great bulk of the countryside has been liberated and political power has been placed in the hands of the peasants, new traditions and culture are flourishing, and virtually the whole society has been united in support of the revolutionary cause. [..]

People of the World, Unite to Defeat the U.S.-UK Aggression and Occupation of Iraq! Peoples of the Middle East, Take Destiny into your own Hands!
Look to the Himalayas, a Better World's in Birth!

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