Irak, UN und das Recht auf Widerstand

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Scott Ritter, UN-Chefinspektor in Irak von 1991-1998, betont das Recht der Iraker auf Widerstand und zieht den Vergleich mit dem Widerstand der französischen Résistance gegen die Nazi-Besatzung.

"While it is difficult at times to understand and comprehend, let alone justify, the tactics used by the Iraqi resistance, history has shown that the tools of remote ambush, instead of a direct assassination, have always been used by freedom fighters when confronting an illegitimate foreign occupier who possesses overwhelming conventional military superiority.

As such, history celebrates the resistance of the French and the Russians when occupied by the Germans during the second world war, the Chinese resistance to Japanese occupation during that same time, or even the decades-long national liberation movement in Vietnam which defeated not only the French and the Americans, but also the illegitimate government these two occupiers attempted to impose on the people of South Vietnam.

History, on the other hand, treats harshly the occupying power which resorts to the use of the tools of terror to subdue an occupied people.

Thus, while it is fine for a French resistance fighter to blow up a German troop train, it is not acceptable for the Germans to burn a French village in retaliation.

History will eventually depict as legitimate the efforts of the Iraqi resistance to destabilise and defeat the American occupation forces and their imposed Iraqi collaborationist government.

And history will condemn the immorality of the American occupation, which has debased the values and ideals of the American people by legitimising torture, rape and murder as a means of furthering an illegal war of aggression. "

Übrigens, damit befindet sich Scott Ritter auf einer Linie mit der UNO-Generalversammlung, die das Recht auf Widerstand unter Fremdherrschaft ausdrücklich anerkannt hat: Die Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen...

Affirms once again its recognition of the legitimacy of the struggle of the peoples under colonial and alien domination to exercise their right to self-determination and independence by all the necessary means at their disposal. [Emphasis added].

[via Lenin. Er hat einen interessanten Post zu verschiedenen Aspekten des Widerstands.]

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