Neue Linke in Europa

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Alex Callinicos schreibt über das Enstehen einer neuen Linken in Europa.

Respect's breakthrough in the general election wasn’t the only success that the radical left in Europe has enjoyed this year.
In February the Red-Green Alliance won 3.4 percent of the vote and six seats in the parliamentary elections in Denmark. More spectacularly, that same month the Left Bloc in Portugal got 6.4 percent and eight seats. There is also the more equivocal case of Rifondazione Comunista in Italy, which has joined the centre-left coalition that won a sweeping victory in last month’s regional elections.
The common dominator is what on the continent is called social liberalism — the capitulation of mainstream social democracy to free-market capitalism. The radical left is defined by the attempt to build a left wing alternative to social liberalism. [ ... ]

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